This is suitable for all residential properties and provides a full picture of their construction and condition, including the roofs, chimneys, walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows. It is more comprehensive report than a Homebuyers Report and does not follow a fixed format. It is likely to be needed if the property is, for example, of unusual construction, dilapidated, has been altered or where a major renovation or conversion is planned.

A Building Survey will provide advice on existing or potential problems, identify suitable remedial work and provide an estimation of costs. The surveyor will agree to comment on particular areas of concern, provided they fall within the surveyor’s terms and conditions and within the guidelines laid down by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

If the surveyor on any valuation has any major concerns, they can ask or recommend for a more in-depth report. The customer will need to arrange and pay for these reports. Most lenders will not lend on the property if these are not carried out. Here are the 4 main ones:

  • TIMBER AND DAMP REPORT: If the surveyor sees signs of damp, they can suggest a Damp and Timber report to be carried out by a specialist.  If any work needed and subsequently carried out, a guarantee for at least 5 years is normally issued.
  • DRAINAGE REPORT: A Report to establish the condition of the drainage system. This could include a CCTV inspection. This is often asked for if there are trees in the garden near the property as the roots can get into and damage the drains.
  • TREE SURGEON REPORT: They may also ask for a tree surgeon report in the case of very large trees in close proximity to the property.
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS REPORT: A professional structural engineer should be instructed by the customer to investigate cracking. The cracking could be long-standing/historic or ongoing/progressive, which will affect the security and may warrant further information.

Ceiling Water Damage

Nationwide surveyors have a long extensive knowledge in carrying out building surveys. We can also recommend professionals if any of the above reports are required.