A valuation is an assessment of the value of a property given certain assumptions. Most valuations are related to market value. Market value is defined by the (RICS). It is most important that the purpose of the valuation if fully understood. This will reflect a different approach and arrive at the correct value for the purpose it will be used for.

Properties have to be valued from time to time for a wide range of reasons and we prepare valuation reports suitable for:

⦁ Prospective purchasers
⦁ Sellers
⦁ Development appraisals
⦁ Probate
⦁ Matrimonial valuations
⦁ Partnership dissolution
⦁ Insurance valuations
⦁ Litigation
⦁ Capital gains tax valuations
⦁ Rent reviews (rental valuation)
⦁ Commercial lease extension (rental valuation)

The report includes a valuation figure and covering basic property details.
We specialise in providing tailor made reports, for investors and developers, including pre-acquisition survey and valuation advice for investment clients.