Retrospective valuation is an appraisal of property that states an opinion of what the property was worth on a date some time ago, rather than when the appraisal is ordered.

Retrospective valuations are commissioned by solicitors or accountants on behalf of their clients for many reasons, such as: Capital gains tax/tax issues, disposition of assets under a will or in probate or in negligent valuation cases.
Retrospective valuations for litigation purposes are required in court for professional negligence claims, primarily when a surveyor is accused of excessively valuing a property.  The report is usually requested by a solicitor acting on behalf of lenders, that have relied on the disputed valuation.
Retrospective and Capital Gains Tax Valuations area specialist subject and Valuations should only be undertaken by Surveyors with relevant expertise.

Nationwide surveyors have many years of experience of undertaking such valuations.

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